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About Zion Media IT Services Pvt. Ltd

Zion Media IT is a new generation company promoted by committed individuals who perceive entrepreneurship as a way to serve God and people. Spearheaded by professionals who have expertise in their core competencies, Zion Media IT offers IT and media solutions under a single roof. The company has firmly resolved not to corrupt the minds of the viewers of TV programs or / and live shows or / and videos, or / and visitors to websites through uploading malicious, obscene contents unlike the wont of some channels and web portals. The promoter director of the company has cumulative experience spanning years in various aspects of video production, live shows and website development.


Zion Media IT Services Pvt. Ltd. seeks to be a leading organization in the global arena providing excellent media services especially enabled on an IT platform delivering customer satisfaction to corporate houses, government organizations, institutions, NGOs, etc. besides individuals (viewers of videos, live shows, etc. and visitors to web sites, portals, etc.)


Since inception Zion Media IT Services Pvt. Ltd. has been striving to create new benchmarks in providing quality media and IT solutions under one roof for clients cutting across industries and businesses.

The Promoter Director

Zion Media IT Services Pvt. Ltd. owes its existence to the entrepreneurial spirit of its Promoter Director Blessan K. Babu, an accomplished media and IT professional. He has proven his skills as a director, cameraman, film editor and IT engineer. After pursuing a bachelors’ degree course in English literature, he enrolled for a course in media studies at Chetana Media Institute, Thrissur. To sharpen his creative skills After passing out, he worked for Bins Communication, TCV (Trichur Cable Vision), Good News Television, Angel TV, Zee Tamil and CBN before setting up his own communication company. He is an expert in live shows and is a pioneer exponent of live webcasting in India. His leadership and farsightedness have been instrumental in making Zion Media IT Services Pvt. Ltd. a successful venture. His dream is to expand the operations of the company beyond geographical borders so that viewers / visitors across the globe can access quality productions / programmes through its services.

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